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I have had the opportunity of working with both Lincoln Talent and Marbles Kids Talent for a number of projects. Karen has worked on both sides of the camera so she has a good understanding of the film business from all angles. The staff handles everything flawlessly from beginning to end and I know I can really count on them to provide a great selection of professional talent. All of the talent I have booked has come prepared and brought a great attitude with them.

Jim Kellett - Producer / Director

...not only do you have wonderful kids, but the parents were equally as wonderful. You made this a VERY easy process! I'll be calling you anytime I'm shooting in Colorado.

Stylecraft Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

My name is Kaden Sinner and I'm  11 years old!  My biggest dream in life is to become an actor/model, ""To be on T.V.!""  I didn't have any idea on how I was ever going to make my dream possible until I walked into Marbles Studio.  Karen and her staff provides training, workshops, opportunities, support, and most of all honest advice! I have been with Marbles for almost 3 years now. I have done a few projects, made some cash, and met some amazing people!  Marbles is awesome because with them my dream is still possible! THANK YOU MARBLES!!!

Kaden (Marbles Kid)

Every child should experience the training that Marbles provides. Besides being effective, this training is also very fun! My daughter has returned home, from each coaching session, telling us how much she enjoys what she is doing.

Lys Damato

We have been absolutely wowed by the level of the 'Marbles Kids' talent that appeared at the auditions...

MaryLee Herrman

...after seeing the audition, we almost felt as though we could pick any of the 'Marbles Kids' out of a hat and they would be great for the role. Just wanted you to know how wowed we were and how very glad I am you opted to be involved!

MaryLee Herrmann