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Marbles Kid's Talent has represented Babies since 1986

Children in our Babies Division are Newborns - 4yr olds. We do not require professional photos for the Babies Divison. There is no upfront fee. 

Once your baby is registered with us, you are required to send us updates every 90 days. As their stats quickly change, your babies will move into different categories. We must then update these changes for our clients, on our files, database, and licensed casting websites. It is our agency's protocol to provide our clients happy and smiling babies with current photos, and stats. 

Clients with projects in our region come to us first. This is our area of expertise. Most projects shoot in the Denver Metro Area. 

If your baby is accepted into Marbles, a one time registration fee of $100 will cover the development of your child's profile until the age of four.

If you have an adorable, happy baby and want to be considered for our Agency, please see our submission page.