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Who are our clients?

Our clients are advertising agencies, department stores, casting companies, catalogue houses, manufacturers of clothing lines and product lines, commercial photographers, directors, producers, and project managers looking to fill their talent needs around their advertising projects. An agency is where all of these clients will look to fill their talent needs and you must be with an agency to even be considered! This business is competitive and there are other agencies who have great talent, however Marbles specializes in representing newborns up to age 18! The bottom line is that clients always have the final decision on who they book.

What kind of talent do clients need?

These same clients need all types of kids, boys and girls, ages and ethnic backgrounds for their projects. Marbles has the largest stall of kids for clients to chose from, but we are always looking for new youth talent because KIDS GROW UP!!!

What do jobs pay?

Fair exchange is one of the reasons you have an agency for representation. Agencies work to get the best rate possible per job. This is going to be based on many factors. Clients’ budgets, the type of assignment, union status, location, travel, talent exposure in the finished piece etc. In exchange, the clients expect well prepared, talented kids, who are fun, extroverted and can take direction!

What does Marbles charge talent?

We charge a 20% agency fee on all bookings. Talent will receive a check in their name, minus the 20% agency fee.

Who are the kids that get the jobs?

First of all, clients need all kinds of kids for all types of assignments. The kids that do really well in this business are; extroverted, not afraid to be in front of groups or cameras and like to be the center of attention. But most importantly, clients want kids who are kids, not mechanical mini-adults.

What are head cards?

Head cards, headshots, comp cards are all necessary to market talent in this business. This can be a very costly process depending on the market and the level you are working. We handle the process in house with our photographer and we work to produce your child’s card in the most cost effective way. The purpose of the card is to display an accurate presentation of what your child’s personality and physical attributes are to clients who are looking. These cards are sent electronically as well as physically.

Why is coaching required?

This is a very subjective and competitive business and it is much harder in the Denver market than most people realize. Many variables come into play and our best strategy is to prepare our kids and parents with workshops, coaching and professional etiquette that they can and will use in the real environment the kids are working in.

How busy is Denver compared to other markets?

Denver is not L.A. or New York but its busy and there is a need for strong developed talent. If you want your child to be considered for this type of work, find an agency.