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10 Things Your Child Actor Needs to Develop a Successful Acting Career

Production SavvySites - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chiara | Marbles Kids Talent | Denver, Colorado We often get asked, "What sorts of things can I do to help my child succeed in this industry?" We found it perfectly put into words in these 10 things. 1. LOCATION. You don’t have to live in L.A. but it helps to be in an area with an active film community. Many states provide tax incentives to bring film productions to their communities. Albuquerque, NM, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Boston, MA, and Austin, TX make up the top five cities to live, work, and make movies according to Movie Maker Magazine http://www.moviemakerdigital.com/moviemaker. 2. MONEY. Developing your child’s acting career is an investment. In the beginning, you may literally spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and see no return. You’ll need headshots, prints, copies (for resumes) acting classes, workshops, and t .. read more...

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Understanding the Ropes of the business

Karen Lincoln - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today's blog has been inspired by a very rude mom, we will call her a, LIndsey Lohan Mom. She clearly didn't understand the ropes of the business. So today I am going to talk about professionalism. She did not confirm her appointment the day before or even leave a message she would be at our office the morning of her appointment. This sends a message that the rules don't apply and her time is more important that the agencies or the person taking the time to meet her. WE are an appointment based business, So with no confirmed appointments, I set off to do office errands, leaving Wendy with a desk full of castings. While I was at Office Depot, bank, etc., this woman came in with a very combative spirit from the moment she sat down with Wendy. Wendy still honored her appointment even though she didn't confirm  .. read more...

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Actors and Professionalism in the Denver Market: ~Wendy W.

Karen Lincoln - Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving from the Los Angeles market to the Denver market has been an adjustment for me. From the organized chaos of a top five agency, to the less saturated, slower paced market in Denver. Working in both places has given me the advantage to understand what a successful actor needs. By “successful’, I mean talent that books jobs. Successful talent is consistent, professional, has drive, and knows the reason why they are in the business. Actors that book jobs know that bookings are not usually achieved without preparation, hard work, sacrifice, gratitude, patience, and a little luck on their side. We live in a society where everything is organized, provides instant gratification, and we do not like to hear no, this is not the life of an actor! I have also learned that actors who accept that this is a no guarantees biz, find a balance between professi .. read more...

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Confessions of a Child Talent agent…

Karen Lincoln - Thursday, April 11, 2013

“Strike a pose there’s nothing to it.” Well that’s easy for Madonna to say, she’s never been a kid’s talent agent. Being the top kid’s agent in the Denver region for as long as I have I’ve seen my fair share of rewards and penance. Being a mother myself and a fierce advocate for children in general, I can’t help welcoming every new kid talent who signs with our agency with the same sense of compassion as if they were a new niece or nephew in my own family. I feel very maternal towards them, and when I help them book a major gig in film, advertising, the works, to me there is no prouder moment…. …Those moments make up about 25% of my day. The other 75% are the day-to-day nitty and gritty of running the business from recruiting fresh faces, to interacting with parents who need nap time and pre-tweens demanding latt .. read more...

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